Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Forces Winter 2017

Three new releases on New Forces, available here:

Kazuma Kubota "Kokyuu" CS
Further evolution from this modern Japanoise master. Building on the approach of predecessors like Pain Jerk and Kazumoto Endo, Kazuma Kubota continues to push the boundaries of harsh noise. On "Kokyuu" his increasingly sophisticated productions tell a story, synthesizing a range of sonic textures into a narrative whole. Field recordings and the drone of industrial decay suddenly erupt into precisely controlled noise outbursts. This is the sound of an artist at the top of their game.

Knurl "Methaphase" Double Cassette
The master of sculpted electronics, Knurl delivers 80 minutes of new material across two cassettes. By not relying on too many effects or equipment, Alan Bloor produces grating swaths of noise by carefully manipulating and coaxing natural sounds from his found metal instruments, making him a legend of Canadian noise and experimental music. Packaged in an oversize bag with insert.

Richard Ramirez "Burned Into the World's Memory" CS

Reissuing a 1996 Deadline Recordings tape limited to 20 copies, "Burned Into the World's Memory" is Richard Ramirez in peak form. This release presents 60 minutes of Richard's trademark harsh noise that has gone on to be a blueprint for multiple generations of artists. Like many of Richard's classic 90's releases, "Burned" patiently moves through several approaches, all of which are tied together by an underlying heaviness and crunch.

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