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New Forces Summer 2016

New Forces Summer 2016
New Releases from Killer Bug, Facialmess, Richard Ramirez, Plagues, Unsustainable Social Condition, and New Forces Zine #6

Brand new full-length LP from this Japanoise legend. Killer Bug is the alias of Kazumoto Endo of Tokyo, Japan. Since 1994, Endo has been eviscerating the minds and ears of his audiences with his trademark fast-paced harsh noise, stop-on-a-dime editing, and interspersed bits of playful absurdity. Killer Bug influenced a generation of harsh-noise artists with classic releases on Mother Savage Noise Productions, Bloodlust!, Self Abuse, Troniks and more. For the last 20 years Endo has predominantly performed under his given name and "Shitsuke" is the first new Killer Bug material since the 90's. Expect a whirlwind of razor-sharp harsh noise precision that will excite old fans of Killer Bug and introduce one of the all-time greats to a new generation of listeners.

Facialmess "Dingy Little Back Alley Of A Country" CS
Facialmess is the long-running harsh noise project of Kenny Sanderson, one of Japan's premiere contemporary noise artists. An originator in the cut-up style of noise alongside peers such as Sickness, Kazumoto Endo and K2, Facialmess is simultaneously disorienting and energizing. Stopping and starting on a dime, sudden shifts in direction, heavy loops and sudden blasts of noise make for an exciting and intense listening experience.

Plagues "Of Ash And Relic" CS
The definitive work from one of the best up-and-coming industrial acts in the United States. Plagues channels the gloom and subdued violence of death-industrial music and incorporates a subtle dose of melody alongside outbursts of grinding scrap-metal. Flawless composition builds and releases tension as harrowing vocals climax over the noise. Converging somewhere between Prurient's "History of Aids" and Grunt's "Seer of Decay," Of Ash and Relic is an anguished and stunning effort.

Unsustainable Social Condition "Your Strife Means Nothing To Me" CS
Insane California noisecore from Matt Purse (Fenian, Oxen), Ted Byrnes, and Charlie Mumma (Sissy Spacek). This is the sort of noisecore that is more "noise" than "core" - completely exuberant and varied harsh noise to which is added the propulsive force of grindcore. Two sidelong blurs of sound that don't stop or relent. Throat scrapings and grinding violence that will bring a smile to your face.

Richard Ramirez "Anwar" Cassette
"Anwar" is a reissue of one of Richard Ramirez's classic 90's releases. Originally released on Deadline Recordings in 1994, here we find one of the originators of American harsh noise doing what he does best. Scrap metal and filthy electronics are manipulated into massive walls of textural violence that slowly unfold over the course of 60 minutes. Richards influence on both the "americanoise" sound and the later harsh-noise-wall subgenre is readily apparent, but no other noise artist manages to create as varied and intense music with such a minimal approach.

New Forces Zine #6
The sixth issue of the New Forces zine. Featuring interviews with Matt Purse (Oxen / Fenian / Unsustainable Social Condition), Sunken Cheek and V. Sinclair.

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